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Instructions for knotting flat plastic craft lace (GIMP)

As synthetic material began to develop, new and different accessories became an integral part of everyone's wardrobe. Variations of gimp stitches (aka Scoubidou, Scoubi, Scoobie, Boondoggle, or Lanyard) highlight accessories and add dimension to clothing. To create various accessories, the following offers instructions for several different stitches which can be produced easily and provide hours of creative pleasure.

Gimp Strands
  • Barrel Stitch--Beginner's Knot
  • Beaded Round Spiral Stitch Bracelets
  • Box Stitch--Beginner's Knot
  • Beads and Knots Bracelets
  • Butterfly Stitch
  • Beaded Round Braid Eyeglass Keeper
  • Chinese Staircase
  • Butterfly Stitch Necklace
  • Cobra Stitch
  • Dragonfly Pin
  • King Cobra Stitch
  • Lanyard
  • Round Braid Stitch
  • Key Chain
  • Six Stranded Zipper Pulls
  • Tornado [Snake] Stitch
  • Twisted Cobra Stitch
  • Zipper Stitch