Butterfly Stitch

- Choose 2 pieces of gimp each 7 times longer than desired length of finished item:
Note: 3 feet of gimp make 5 inches of butterfly stitch
Note: 6 feet of gimp make 10 inches of butterfly stitch
1. Choose 2 strands of gimp. Tie 2 strands together at one end. Hang knot on nail, cup hook or suction cup hook. Number strands 1 and 2. Fold strand 1 behind strand 2 (FIG. A).
2. Fold strand 2 up around strand 1 (FIG. B).
3. Fold strand 2 and slip through loop of strand 1 (FIG. C). Pull strand 1 taut around 2 (FIG. D).
4. Fold strand 1 and slip through loop of strand 2 (FIG. E). Pull strand 2 taut around 1 (FIG. F).
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until desired length worked (FIG. G). To end stitch, slip unfolded strand through last loop and pull taut.

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