Box Stitch

- Choose 9 times the length of finished item:
Note: 3 feet of gimp makes 4 inches of box stitch
Note: 9 feet of gimp makes 12 inches of box stitch
1. Either turn round braid upside down or choose 2 strands of gimp. Tie strands so you have light strands opposite each other and dark strands opposite each other (FIG. A).
2. Fold strand 1 to opposite side leaving a small loop. Fold strand 2 over strand 1 leaving a small loop (FIG. B). Hold both strands in place with fingers.
3. Fold strand 3 over strand 2 and hold (FIG. C).
4. Fold strand 4 over strand 3 and through loop left in strand 1 (FIG. D).
5. Pull strands tightly (FIG. E). Take strands 1 and 4 in one hand, 2 and 3 in the other, and pull. Take 1 and 2 in one hand, and 3 and 4 in the other, and pull again. This completes the base of the box stitch.
6. Fold strands 1 and 3 to opposite sides leaving two small loops and hold. Fold strand 2 over strand 3, and through loop of 1. Fold strand 4 over strand 1, and through loop of 3 (FIG. F). Pull strands tightly. You have just completed the only 2 steps necessary to make the box stitch. Continue box stitch until desired length is braided.
7. To fasten off box stitch, leave last stitch fairly loose. Bring 1 under 2 then up through center (FIG. G). Bring 2 under 3 then up through center. Repeat with 3 and 4. Tighten strands gently one at a time around box. Trim ends diagonally 1 inch beyond box.

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