Dragonfly Pin

- 1 inch safety pin, 24 inches of gimp
- 1.5 inch safety pin, 30 inches of gimp
- 2 inch safety pin, 36 inches of gimp
- Tweezers for small dragonfly
Open safety pin and slip into a piece of heavy cardboard to secure. Thread gimp through eye of pin head and center gimp. Work cobra stitch along back shank of pin using shank as core of stitch. At end of shank, thread end of one gimp strand through circle spring in one direction to create a loop. Thread 2nd gimp strand through spring in opposite direction to create 2nd loop. Repeat with each lace making loops slightly larger than first pair. It may be necessary to clip last gimp strand on a long diagonal to thread it through spring of small pins. Use tweezers to pull gimp through tight springs. Clip ends of gimp even with largest loops.

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